CA Inter Taxation(Income Tax+GST): Revision Course

Relevant for students looking to revise CA Inter Taxation (Income Tax+GST) (Paper 4) completely for May 20 attempt. Complete Details in Overview Section.

Course Access : 28 Feb 21
Course Access : 28 Feb 21
Instructors : 1
Duration : 40 Hours
Documents : 28
Videos : 100
Languages : Hindi

What you'll Get

  • 1. Lectures in Android App
  • 2.Soft Copy of Revision Module
  • 3. Two views per Lecture (in Mobile App Mode)


  • a) Android phone to play the Lectures
  • b) Decent Internet speed to play the lectures
  • c) 1 GB RAM or higher


Important FAQs

Why this Course is relevant ?
In Tax its often difficult for the student to understand the various provisions, differentiate between them and most importantly to memorise them. In this course join Arvind Tuli Sir to revise and memorise with examples Income and GST completely for exams. It is relevant for even those students who have not studied Taxation from Arvind Tuli Sir.

What is the Viewing Limitation ?
1. You will be given 2 views per video (Android App Mode)
2. The viewing limit is on particular lecture.
3. You can watch the lectures on only one Android Phone

Is the course relevant for the OLD Course or NEW Course students?
This course is relevant for both OLD COURSE & NEW COURSE students.

Is the course relevant for May 2020/Nov 2020 students?
Yes, It is relevant for May 2020 & Nov 2020 students.

How many times the videos can be watched?
There is restriction on the no. of views per video. Views will be restricted 2 times per video.

How & when will i get the books and the lectures?
*You will be provided Soft Copy of the Books via Mail within 24 working hours of your subscribing to the course.
*Lectures shall be provided to you through Mobile App within 24 working hours of your subscribing to the course.

When will the video course expire?
This video course will expire after 6 months of subscription date.

How to ask doubts?
We will provide Whatsapp/Telegram support for taking doubts directly with Arvind Tuli Sir.
Also,you will be added to a Telegram Group after subscribing the course for regular updates.

How will i get the amendments, if any?
Amendments (if any), though not any expected - will be provided to you free of cost, along with the notes (digital/soft copy) (if any) before exams.

Cancellation Policy :

  1. Please note that course once subscribed cannot be cancelled.
  2. The amount paid will not be refunded.
  3. The course subscribed cannot be changed with another course.
  4. The Course is not transferable.
  5. For technical assistance call us (9988431199) or mail us (
  6. Prices are subject to change without prior notice

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